To validate the guarantee, a copy of the invoice for the purchase of the equipment and the guarantee request must be presented, in which the inconvenience or failure of the product must be detailed in writing. This document can be requested from our sales staff or found on our website.
The merchandise that returns to Vartec SPCI S.A. for any defect, within 72 hours of the sale, you will have preferential treatment, as well as the physical change of the product, as long as the failure is certified by our Technical Department. The change does not include accessories, supplies and the packaging must be in good condition. The physical change of the product will be subject to stock
de Vartec SPCI S.A .. In the event that the warranty claim does not proceed, due to bad installation or misuse of the user or that is not within the warranty period previously mentioned our
company will provide the repair service of the same unless it is obsolete and its parts can not be replaced. Vartec SPCI S.A. will charge for the service performed. The collection will be according to the type of product being treated and the rates in force by our Service Centers. Please consult our Service staff.
Vartec SPCI S.A. is not responsible for the information stored in any of the received equipment, such as programs in the PLCs, drive configuration, etc. Previously, please take the backup of the information. Not covered within the warranty coverage: Accessories, cables, consumables and supplies, products with the seal of
altered warranty, problems caused by software failure, maintenance, repair and / or calibration services caused by product wear, improper installation or use, as well as services for external problems.
Vartec SPCI S.A. does not give any guarantee to products with physical damage. This includes scratches on the product form, illegible manufacturer’s labels, breaks and knocks.
We would appreciate verifying and reviewing the product upon delivery and return. For our clients from the provinces or outside of Costa Rica, they are asked to please consider a special packaging for the products they send for repair, since Vartec SPCI S.A.. is not responsible for any damage generated in transportation. The cost of transportation is borne by the customer, as well as the costs of nationalization, if any.
If the product is damaged, the manufacturer company undertakes to change or compose the part of its choice in the period established by each manufacturer. Vartec SPCI S.A. gives you the warranty in terms of the manufacturer; the delay is not the fault of Vartec SPCI S.A.. No refund of money is made for warranty coverage in any case.
RETURNS The products that the user wants to return to Vartec SPCI S.A. To obtain a credit for them, they can be returned only with the written consent of Vartec SPCI S.A.. This consent is granted by approval of the
“Request for Product Return” issued by Vartec SPCI S.A. You can request this request from our staff or find it on our website. To apply for this application, you must
meet the following conditions:
-Deliver a copy of the invoice.

  • The product must be returned within a maximum of 8 days from the date of receipt of the product.
  • The product must be in suitable conditions for re-sale (new, unused and in its original and closed packaging)
  • The product is not obsolete and was not manufactured as part of a special order for the customer. If the product is received without the prior approval of the “Product Return Request” and it is later found that it does not meet the aforementioned conditions, it will be returned to the customer.
    All shipping, nationalization and other expenses are borne by the customer.
    In the event that the sale has been made outside of Costa Rica, the client must absorb the transportation costs as well as any other costs associated with the return of the product (freight, taxes,
    export costs). Once the return is accepted Vartec SPCI S.A. will generate a credit note to be applied to the customer’s account or future purchases. Vartec SPCI S.A. reserves the right to return cash for the return of the equipment. All these provisions by our company comply with the Consumer Defense Law 7472